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1) Which kegs do you offer?
We offer a broad range of Commercial Beer such as: Heineken, Amstel, Castle Lite, Peroni, Stella Artois, Windhoek Draught, Castle Lager, Hansa Pilsner, Carling Black Label, Guinness, and a few other speciality
beers (Carlsberg, Hoegaarden, Lefe etc..) available upon request.

Craft Beer and Craft Cider are available upon request – we currently have a listing of 150 + local craft beer and cider which we are able to source – this though is subject to availability of stock from distributors and
suppliers of the various craft breweries and the

We also offer a range of 6 Gin & Tonics on tap too.

2) How many beers do I get in a keg?

This is an estimation below of the number of beer/cups one would be able to get with a single serving of either a 30L or 50L keg provided that the equipment is utilised as per instructions:

30 L Keg:  96 x 330ml cans / dumpies
72 x 440ml cans
85 x 350ml Cups
60 x 500ml Cups

50 L Keg:  144 x 330ml cans / dumpies
120 x 440ml cans
143 x 350ml Cups
100 x 500ml Cups

3) How long do I get to keep the keg and machinery?
Each hire is for a maximum of 24 hours unless otherwise stated or rented for a weekend. Should you require the unit for an extra day, this will be dependent on demand – an additional fee may be charged.

Preferential Rates are afforded for weekend rentals.

4) What do I get when I make use of the bundled service?
We offer a bundle service which includes the following:
– Draught Tap,
– Food grade Gas sufficient for your order,
– 20/35 Complimentary Cups,
– Sourcing a Keg for you (Commercial Beer, Cider or Craft Beer)

Bundled packages offer a discounted rental which includes all the necessary components to tap kegs etc…

5) What is the Pricing for the Draught Beer Tap Rentals?
– Party Pump (Limited to SAB, Gin & Tonic & Some Craft Brands) is billed at R500 per 24/hours.
– Single Tap (1 Product) is billed at R700 per machine / 24 hours
– Dual Tap (2 Product) is billed at R1200 per machine / 24 hours.
– Triple Tap (3 Product) is billed at R1600 per machine / 24 hours.

Weekend Rentals (48 Hour Rentals) are afforded preferential rates.

If you still have beer left after your event, we will let you keep a party pump at no additional fee for an additional day to finish the beer – this is subject to availability and at our sole discretion.

6) Can I hire the Draught Tap and additional components without getting a keg?
Yes. We will quote you based on your requirements.

This option will require you to place a deposit per machine and/or component rented.

7) Do you charge a deposit?
Yes. This amount is surety against damages to components, tapping equipment, kegs along with cylinders.

Various deposit amounts are levied. This amount is fully refunded on the successful return of the unit and keg(s) in the same state which it was delivered in.

Any damage or loss through negligence or mishandling of the equipment will be billed from the deposit amount and any shortfall thereafter will be billed

Security Deposits for equipment do not apply if you make use of our barmen to serve.

A R1000 deposit for bundled rentals is levied in order to secure future bookings and therefore serves a reservation fee and contributes towards the rental fee. This amount is refundable in accordance to a cancellation policy as per our contract.

8) Do I need experience to pour the beer?
Absolutely not, but if you feel nervous upon delivery our helpful staff will be more than happy to show you how to pour to perfection. In the event that you require assistance in serving the keg, labour will be billed at R400 – limited to a maximum of six (6) hours.

9) Should I get more than one keg?
Only you know what sort of consumers you will be hosting at your event. An estimate is made that 4 x 500ml pints are sufficient per person per night.

Remember that once the keg is opened, you need to drink the beer within 3-4 days or else the quality starts to deteriorate.

We do not refund for partially used kegs, any keg that is opened – any keg with a cracked seal is deemed as used.

10) How much does it cost to deliver?
All deliveries made within reason are free – this though is at the absolute discretion of Satori Event Management & Promotions.  A minimum fee of R200 applies for delivery, setup and collection. When
ordering, please mention your location and we will quote you accordingly.

Generally, we can deliver to anywhere within reason, and further; subject to our delivery schedule. Please call if you are unsure whether you lie within our delivery zone.

11) Can I pick up the equipment myself?

12) How does the beer get cold?
All pre-ordered kegs are chilled overnight however additional kegs will be delivered at room temperature. The draught dispensing unit has a cold plate inside which the beer passes through. Simply add ice to the cool unit, connect the keg coupler and as the beer passes through, it cools to the perfect drinking

13) Do you rent out or sell Beer Glasses?
Yes, we do rent out Glassware. This is billed separately from the rental and comes with a different rental deposit amount too.

We also supply plastic cups in 500ml or 350ml sleeves with 50-unit sleeves or boxes of 500 units.

14) I would like to secure a rental, what do I do?

Simply send an email to with the following information:

Event Date:
Delivery Time:
Delivery Address:
Contact Person(s):
Contact Email Address:
Equipment / Keg(s) required:

Once all the information has been received, a quotation will be prepared and a rental contract forwarded which will detail obligations, responsibilities, and payment terms along with all necessary information pertaining to the rental.

Terms & Conditions

  • Offer(s) include: Draught Tap,Cups, Keg(s) along with tapping equipment
  • Barman Fee Charged Separately.
  • Delivery Fee billed separately . Collections available upon request.
  • Substitution of products included in the combos is not permitted
  • Craft Beer is Limited to: Mad Giant, Striped Horse, Darling Brew
  • Cider Options Limited to: Alpha Cider & Loxtonia
  • Offer limited to 30L Kegs unless stated otherwise on the combo offering
  • We reserve the right to amend combos with equal value product(s)
  • We reserve the right to limit the availability without prior notice
Triple Tap

Heineken/Peroni + Stella Artois/Windhoek + Craft Cider, Stella Artois / Castle Lite + G&T + Craft Cider, Castle Lager (50L) + Windhoek / Heineken, Castle Lite (50L) + Craft Cider + G&T, Castle Lite (50L) + Carling Black Label (50L)