Classic (50 Pax)

1 x Display Bar
75 x Glassware Hire / 100 x Plastic Cups
2 x Mixologist & 1 x Bar Runner
1 Case Still Water
Syrups, Cordials, Bitters & Liquers
40Kg Ice
2 x MCC or Sparkling Wine

100 Alcoholic Cocktails and Unlimited Non-Alcoholic* Cocktails
Offer Limited to a 1 x Gin,1 xRum, 1 x Whiskey& 1 x Vodka Cocktail Option.


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Cocktail Bar Hire Package FAQ

1) What is on offer?
We offer mobile bar solutions adequate to cater for small scale to medium scale events (parties, weddings, celebrations, unveilings, activations, year-end functions, golf-days etc…) incorporating bar service, bar tools, ancillary mobile bar solutions.

2) What do you get with a Mobile Bar Hire Package?
Drinkware, Glassware, Labour, Beverage Sourcing, Bar Tools and Equipment.

3) How long do you work for at an event?
Each period of engagement is pre-determined by the event owner / organiser and is agreed upon beforehand; however additional hours of service can be arranged on the date of the event at an additional cost to the event owner / organiser.

4) Is it compulsory to utilise all services/products as quoted in the Bar Hire Package(s)?
Yes; it is mandatory for you to use all the listed services so as to allow us to deliver an efficient service that meets your expectations without compromising on our service offering to the event owner and/or planner.

Additional items such as: Beverage Cooler Rentals, Slush Puppy Machine Rentals, Draught Tap Rentals, Drinkware Branding are afforded to those that are interested at preferential rates by virtue of making use of the mobile bar hire package.

5) Can I hire the equipment without the Mobile Bar Package(s)?
Yes. We will quote you based on your requirements; however mention is to be made that you would not be able to attain preferential pricing which is afforded to those who take up the Mobile Bar Hire Package suite(s).

6) What is offered in the Standard / Premium Spirit Set?
– Standard Spirit Set includes the following choices:

  • Whiskey: Grants Blended Scotch whisky, J&B Scotch Whisky, Bells Scotch Whisky, Ballantines Scotch Whiskey, Tullamore Dew & Johnnie Walker Red Label Scotch Whiskey
  • Vodka: Red Square Vodka, Russian Bear, Smirnoff, Wyborowa, Single Batch.
  • Gin: Belgravia Gin, Stretton’s London Dry Gin, Gordons London Dry Gin.
  • Rum: Captain Morgan Spiced Gold, Southern Comfort, Malibu, Red Heart Spiced, Caribbean Twist
  • Tequila: Olmeca, El Jimador, Ponchos, Jose Cuervo

– Premium Spirit Set

  • Whiskey: Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey, Bushmills, Glen Grant, Haig Club Scotch Whiskey, Jameson Irish whiskey & Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch Whiskey.
  • Vodka: Skky Vodka, Smirnoff Red Vodka, Cruz Vodka, Absolut Vodka, Pravda.
  • Gin: Tanquery Imported Gin, Beefeater Imported Gin, Bombay Sapphire Imported Gin, Cape Town Pink Lady Gin.
  • Rum: Bacardi, Stroh Rum 60%, Malibu, Red Heart Rum, Havana Club
  • Tequila: Olmeca Altos, Patron
  • Cognac: Hennessy VS, Honor Vs, Bisquit Classique VS, Courvoisier VS,
    Additions, substitutions and omissions to the listed brands are possible however need to be within the threshold of the amount highlighted for the desired spirit set.

7) Do you charge a deposit?
Yes, a deposit is levied in order to secure bookings and therefore serves a reservation fee.

8) What us a difference between a Bartender, a Mixologist & a Bar Runner?
A Bartender: A person serving drinks at a bar without mixing cocktails.
A Mixologist: A person who is skilled at mixing cocktails and other drinks.
A Bar Runner: Assists with preparation of the bar area, assists bartender and/or mixologist.

9) Why do I need a Shift Manager?
The shift manager oversees the preparations and the running of the bar on behalf of the client and is also on hand to assist should there be a need for an additional set of hands when the event progresses.

10) How much does it cost to deliver?
All deliveries made within reason and within the Johannesburg Metropolitan are for free – this though is at the absolute discretion of Satori Events Management & Promotions. A minimum fee of R200 applies for delivery, setup and collection.

When ordering, please mention your location and we will quote you accordingly. Generally, we can deliver to anywhere within reason, and further; subject to our delivery schedule. Please call if you are unsure whether you lie within our delivery zone.

11) Can I pick up the equipment myself?
No, all deliveries are charged separately.

12) Do you rent out Glassware?
Yes, we do. We charge various rental fees and require a refundable deposit for all rentals.
Breakages are billed from R10 – R100 depending on the glass type.